Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Days without meat; introduction | The easiest flippin' aussie-burger ever

Let me start off on a more serious note:
From the 22nd of february on I will eat no more meat for the following 46 days. Or at least, that's the challenge.

'Days Without Meat (DWM) is an action for and by non-vegetarians. It's sort of a challenge to raise awareness, that teaches us about how much little things can do, but to also reduce our ecological impact in the longer term
The game takes place in the fasting period: from 22/2 to 7/4. Each vegetarian day saves 11m2 on your carbon footprint.'

Left: me. Right: mr boyfriend. Just saying.

I will keep you posted on my experiences as a newbe and temporarily vegetarian but most of all
I will share with you my vegetarian recipes, straight from the kitchen.

If you want to have some inspiration in advance:
Mashes chickpeas with dill and garlic
Greek salad
Greek tomato-rice soup 

So from the 22nd of february, this blog will be all vegetarian shizzle. 

Until that day, I still have some delicious recipes with meat to share with all of you.

This, for example; is the easiest juiciest aussie-burger you've seen in your whole damn life. 

The easiest flippin' aussie burger ever
Adapted from Jamie Oliver Magazine - jan/feb '12

4 split plain or sesame-seed buns
500 g lean ground beef
1 onion, finely chopped
1 egg
2 sliced canned beets
1 TBSP balsamico 
150 gr grated cheese 
parsley leaves, for serving

shredded lettuce , for serving

ketchup, for serving
olive oil
salt & pepper

one: combine ground beef, chopped onion, egg, grated cheese, salt and pepper in bowl, mix with hands to combine.
two: form mixture into 4 patties.
three: heat a grill to medium-high; lightly oil. Cook patties 3-4 minutes each side or until cooked through
four: build the burgers on the bottom half of each bun. The beetroot is best at the bottom together with the ketchup and a sprinkle of balsamico as the juices soak into the bread —if the beetroot is layered between the other stuff it’s prone to dribbling juice all over the person eating the burger.
My preferred order is ketchup, beetroot, balsamico, lettuce, pattie, parsley leaves. This assures you maximum stability and minimum slipperiness. This is a well considered subject, people. A lot of tought and effort went into this shizzling plate of perfection.
five: enjoy the shit out if it.

Yes, my framing went bonkers over here... 

Notes: the original recipe from my source didn't ask for a fried egg, fried pineapple or fried bacon. And that's just fine by me. I can imagine how mouthwathering an aussie-burger with all of those toppings would be but I would have to run about 100 miles to get that much fat burned. Approximately. I actually have no idea. But this is the lighter, easier version of the full. Can we agree on that part?

music to pair with: Wim Mertens- Iris

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Nik said...

Good luck with your vegetarian challenge! Even though I love eating meat, I still prefer vegetables in my daily diet but then I begin to miss the texture and flavor bad. I think I might be inspired if you succeed.

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