my name is Eva and I'm so pleased to meet you!

I'm a twenty-something girl with a passion for all kinds of food. 
When not making a total mess in my tiny kitchen you can find me in Ghent {Belgium}; sipping some black coffee, searching for a unicorn or simply being just another student. On this humble nook of the web you'll find the most decadent (cheat) brownie you've ever seen and crêpes for one, but also a no fuss pasta recipe and zucchini fries. I believe that cooking should be fun, flexible and creative. I'm not a vegetarian but I like to challenge myself to cook without meat as much as possible.

I heart coffee, mr. boyfriend, a daily dose of glitter, doctor who, dark chocolate, fresh flowers, the sunday market, chai, the playground, red wine, suprises, butter, balls&glory, ...

Let's get in touch...
I'll try to answer to each comment on this blog with love and gratitude.

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If you made a recipe from this blog I think you're absolutely awesome! When you take a picture of it, you can put it on the facebookpage. It is possible that this will make me giggle like a bunch of teenagers at a slumber party... 
No biggie.
{or you can simply tag NYMD and I'll check it out}

If you want to know what inspires me right now or if you simply want to keep updated trough another channel you're totally welcome at my pinboard on pinterest.

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