Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seafood pasta

I aim to be a focused, well organised shopper. In this scenario; I make pretty lists with little boxes on the side to check off, I don't have to run twice a day to the supermarket and my fridge isn't a total mess.

As you could've guessed by now, I'm not quite as efficient as I would want to be in the kitchen. I'm glad to tell you I'm seldomly out of wine or butter. Nevertheless, I never seem to have a sufficient amount of plain flour in the pantry.

So last week I didn't have the right kind of cheese at home. That happened. 
I threw in some creamy ricotta to make up for it. And it tasted divine.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baked apples with red wine and a sweet b├Ęchamel sauce

Autumn to-do list

Buy an oversized jacket. Wear it every. single. day.

Have a picknick in the park. read: pumpkin soup, hot cocoa, fresh bread, cinnamon sticks and cheese.
{Yes, you're invited too}

Snuggle away while reading a good book. {Any suggestions?}

Don't get the flu. Getting ill is super lame.

Dress up for halloween in a DIY costume.


Jump in a big pile of leaves.

Carve a pumpkin. Try to avoid the emergency room in the same time.

Eat loads of baked apples... and apple pie... and actually everything involving cinnamon and apples.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Messy apple pear tart

You and I, we should have a heart to heart.
Don't worry; I won't talk about the amount of calories in this pie.
I'm also not about to tell you that you should really do your dishes. 
{This ain't your mothers blog, girl...}
{Lame pun intented}

sweet pretzels are used as tart crust

Seriously though, we should talk about the season aproaching.
That's right; party-season is aproaching. 
This season is also known as awesome-season. Put-on-your boots-and-dance-season. Or my favorite: this-girl-can-boogie-and-I'm-about-to-show-you-so-season.
Because we girls should stick together, I made a small list of advice you should consider deeply.

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