Monday, February 6, 2012

One step behind | 3 pop tarts

I'm not a trendsetter.
I never was one... 
{The soulja boy socks I tried to set as a trend -strangely enough- didn't make it }
I'm afraid I never will be.

I'm just always ONE step behind.
It's a shame, really.

Last week, for example, I bought the cutest little pair of shoes {picture is comming up}.
Only to find out that everybody {and with that, I mean all of my friends} seemed to have the same ones already in their closet.
So most of my conversations now tend to go like this:

S: Oh! You have new shoes.
E: Yeah! I do! They're pretty, pretty, pretty!
S: Yes, I see.
E: They have a heel but they feel soooo comfortable I could fall asleep in them. If I didn't have a boyfriend I would marry my shoes. They were kinda expensive but I don't mind cause I lo-lo-lo-love them!  My toes do have enough room; even the littlest one feels welcome down there... {and so on, you get the idea...}
S: So...
E: Yeah?
S: Did you just buy the same shoes as X? 

This sums up most of my conversations with people from the feminine side. Luckily, I still have boys to talk with. They are all about 'whatevs' and 'chillaxin with those shoes in tha hood'. 

The same kinda thing happened last weekend in my kitchen: I wanted to make these cute little tarts on a stick. 
I tought it was most original idea ever. 
Totally rockin' everybody's world. 
I just felt so joyful and creative! 

Until! I saw this, this and this recipe. They were already all over blogland being cute and gorgeous.
I honestly don't know why I didn't notice them before.
Now I feel like such a geek.
There was even a wikipediapage for MY idea. And I was too late to throw in a patent.
Kellogs was first.
The bastards.

It was like one big pop tart-party on the web.
And I wasn't invited.

Because it's nevertheless an easypeasy and gorgeous 'recipe' I wanted to share it anywayz. For you, my loved ones, I made three different varieties. But feel free to try different fillings yourself. This recipe is as versatile as ... dunnow... versatile stuff. Go nuts! 

Pop tarts

Puff pastry
Filling of your own choise:
Filling number one:
apple; cut in really small cubes
a pinch of cinnamon and sugar
Filling number two:
Filling number three:
little pieces of marshmellow
{banana cut in slices}

one: cut shapes out of your puff pastry. You can use cookiecutters, a drinking glass or make neat retangles. Whatever you fancy.
two: fill half of your shapes with filling. Remember to only fill half of your shapes with filling. Place a lollipop stick right in the middle.
three: once you have filled all your tarts place your second puff pastry piece on top. Gently press down with your fingers to seal the dough together.
four: use the end of a floured fork to crimp the edges.
five: to top it off I brushed the tops with melted butter. I sprinkled cinnamon-sugar on top. Other recipes show you how to make a sugary glaze for these cuties. I personally don't think they need it so I didn't add it. That's how I roll.


Music to pair with: She and Him - Why do you let me stay here


tori said...

No matter who came up with it first, it's still a beautiful idea...

Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

That's absolutely true. Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

You have executed this amazingly - looks decadent, delicious and perfect in the morning :D
And I agree, doesn't matter who starts something - everything has to be started by one person and improved by the rest :)

Choc Chip Uru

Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

@gobakeyourself: awww. thanks, you're so nice!

Julie E said...

Love this idea. And I saw it here first so everyone else can eat it! I'm loving your blog. And pretty food pictures are hard as hell. I'm happily jumping on the follow wagon. :)

Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

I'm so happy you enjoy the blog, Julie! Please keep checking here first before you go to other blogs, that way I can invent everything. Coolio!

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