Sunday, July 22, 2012

summer peach salad

3 things I'm totally excited about:

one: I'm moving!
Yes, I'm leaving my very tiny palace and moving into a small house. 
The idea of living in a real house makes me feel like a fricking grown-up.
I'll eat chocolate cake for dinner just to make sure I'm not.

two: Gentse Feesten!
Once a year, for ten days straight, my city turns into this huge free festival filled with free concerts, theatre and open-air parties at every corner. 
It's absolute madness!
My biorythm did already let me know it has shut down; so I'm wide awake at night and sleepy all day.
No bigs.

three: This easy-peasy peach salad

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

six glorious months

This little blog started taking over the virtual world about six months ago.
Six months of mosts and leasts... 
Six months of being insecure and proud... 
Six months of testing recipes, eating, retesting and taking pictures...

Here's a little round up of my recipe box
which one is your favorite? 

The most popular recipe: 
(also featured on Yummly!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

roasted strawberry salad

If you'ld be here right now...
On this exact moment... 
I'm pretty sure you'ld lick my bowl, girl.
{not in the nasty kind of way... dude, behave}
I'm damn sure you wouldn't be able to resist the smell that's coming right out of my oven filling the entire room.

Roasting your strawberries for the first time is a pretty scary thing to do.
I know.
You're convinced you'll ruin those lovely fresh and deep pink babies.
Little do you know only ten minutes later, if you dare to jump, they will taste even sweeter, juicier and more intens than ever before.
Jump with me!
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