Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pear chèvre salad

This is the deal:
last sunday {better known as easter} I ate to much.
Not just a little... but waaaaay to much.
I had: alligator, mussels, melon with prosquitto, portugese tarlets, chocolate cake, fruit tart, tortilla, a cheese platter and fruit salad.
On one day.
True story.

It was a magical day, indeed.

And that's not all;
last week I ate carrot cake for breakfast, lunch ànd dinner.
Two days in a row...
Crazy much?

So this whole blogging-thing has taken its toll.
And my tummy is getting fatter too.

So instead of going for a jog 
or taking the stairs instead of the elevator 
I just bought myself an issue of lightcooking.
And I made myself a fancy pants lunch salad.

A girl has to start somewhere, right?

Pear and chèvre salad with honey
serves 4
with bread as a lunch of without as an entree.

4 small pears, thinly sliced
2 T lemon juice + a glass of water
125 g chèvre cheese, thinly sliced{about 4 ounces}
2 cups herb salad mix
100 g mix of nuts and raisins {3 ounces}
4 T honey

one: soak slices of pear in the mixture of lemon juice and water (to prevent them from turning brown)
two: place pear slices, salad, nuts and raisins in layers on four plates.
three: top with the 'head' of the pear with the stem; put the little towers of pear on top of a little nest of mixed salad.
four: drizzle the honey around the pear and serve.

Music to pear with: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
{Yes, I am aware that this is a reaaally lame word-joke)


Anonymous said...

Hi Eva, this looks realy nice! (and healthy!)
Wanna try this, water in my mouth already!

Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

Thanks, Brenda!

Ben said...

What a salad! If I may, I'm gong to steal this concept for a salad hehe.

Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

Oh Ben, I would be honored to be the victim of your robbery ;-).
Linking back would be awesome, though.

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