Monday, April 16, 2012

Update on days without meat | Vegetarian love

About 2 months ago I set a challenge for myself. 
I wanted to cook and eat for 46 days without any meat or fish. Some of you have done the same. Some of you were already vegetarians. 
You and I, we made the world just a tiny bit better. 

As you can read, I survived the 46 days. And I survived them well. 
I learned to appreciate tofu, to make my own falafel and to ask: 'can I get that salad/pasta dish without the bacon?'

To be quite honest, exactly 4 times in those 46 days I did eat meat/fish. 
Don't you look at me like that! 
I had my legit reasons: (1)I didn't want to be rude at a dinnerparty, (2)the restaurant didn't have one single vegetarian alternative, (3)my parents forgot about my challenge and (4) I was seriously craving prawns. Seriously!

I'm terribly sorry for not giving this update anytime sooner. 
I would... but... you know... life happened. 
I'll make it up to you by giving some extra vegetarian love, right now!

Vegetarian mini-pizza's loaded with vegetables in all sorts of colors by Green Kitchen Stories

The most beautiful rustic galette with beets and wild mushrooms by La spelonca vegetariana 

Tofu boring? didn't think so; spicy tofu tacos by Veggienumnum

Mr. Boyfriend made these calzones by Happyolks; saying they were delicious would be kind of an understatement! {Don't forget to check out the adorable film they made to accompagny it by)

101cookbooks never ceases to amaze me {and my vegetarian belly, for that matter}

Zucchini, pea and mint frittata by Food on paper

This zucchini pasta looks like something I want to live in... by Roost

And my own vegetarian personal favorites:

If you just can't get enough; 
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No pressure though!

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