Friday, February 24, 2012

23 random joyful facts | Birthday

23 joyful facts on the first day of my life as a 23-year old

1. Yesterday I had the most amazing birthday ever.
2. The day {and night} was filled with love, laughter, pie and booze.
3. Right now, my kitchen table is filled with pie leftovers, empty botles of wine and roses.
4. Today, I wrote a letter to myself to read a year from now. I'll try to post it tomorrow on here. No promises.
5. I baked two pies yesterday. A chocolate-meringue pie and my no-fail apple pie. {recipes coming soon}
6. The chocolate meringue pie failed hard.
7. My dear friends baked some delicious goods themselves. There was a chocolate mousse pie, a frangipane-pearcake and home made cookies in different varieties. I felt very blessed.
8. My friends made me a crown. They've put a lot of work into it. I wore it ALL NIGHT. I was very proud to have such amazing friends.
9. Today we ate leftover birthdaycake as breakfast. It's my favorite! 
10. I loved to win every discussion with the argument: 'but it's my birthday, so I'm right...'
11. My little sister laughs at my poor English grammar. She's right. That sucks.
12. She became a fan anyway. Deep down (really deep though) she's a sweetheart.
13. My friends are AWESOME at picking out things I like.
14. I got 2 cookbooks: Vegalicious and a DonnaHaybook.
15. I got 4 beautiful, big, colorful, eclectic plates. I couldn't have chosen them better myselve.{pictures; soon} Mr boyfriend gave me a big white tappasplate. It's so simple and lovely. He's the best.
16. On her way to the party one of my friends dropped her present; so one superduperprettypink bowl was broken before it even got here. She felt terrible. Lucky enough the smaller one survived. It's so completely my style and I'm absolutely in love with it.
17. One of my best friends stayed over to sleep. I love it when she sleeps over; it always feels like a slumberparty that way. We giggle and eat pie in bed and talk shit about everything. We find ourselves incredibly funny. 
18. That's cause we are. Duh.
19. The 22d year of my life was a magical one. I don't like to talk all butterfly and rainbow with unicorn shizzle, but if I had to describe my past year it would be exactly like that.
20. Life right now is going bonkers; so I'm pretty sure next year has the power to beat the previous one in terms of awesomeness. 
21. Twenty three sounds really adult-ish. 
22. I didn't do shit today; except lying in bed and writing that letter {see 4.}
23. It was the best day after my birthday ever!

Picture taken in Budapest by my dear and extremely talented friend Alex.

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