Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love at first word | clafoutis with plums


Say it slowly. 
Pronounce every syllable. 
Give it a little french touch.
- You may even add a little whisper.


Isn't that the most beautiful word you've ever heard?

I honestly think it's a shame no one ever wrote a song about it before. A sculpture would be nice too. Or a poem. 

I hadn't made a Clafoutis before, and I had no idea what it tasted like until yesterday evening.
I came across this recipe while I was reading this cookbook. It wasn't the picture that convinced me - altough it wasn't an ugly picture. 
It was the name of the dish that grabbed my heart - and my empty stomach, maybe that played a part too...

I don't know how much experience you guys have with making clafoutis. But you should know, in advance, that I was convinced I did something terribly wrong just until the last 5 minutes in the oven. 
The batter is way more liquid substanced than I expected it too be. It's almost like a pancakebatter. I also used half of the plums the original recipe said and it worked out just fine. I would even recommend it that way. 
No worries though. Everything worked out in te end and it was almost as delicious as it sounds.
And if I can do it; you can do it for sure!

Clafoutis with plums

5 plums 
15 gr butter 
1 TS sugar
1 ts cinnamon
some butter and fine sugar for the dish

50 gr ground almonds
30 gr flour
70 gr sugar
250 ml whipping cream
3 eggs
maybe: slivered almonds and/ or powdered sugar

one: preheat oven at 180 c
two: halve the plums and remove the pits. Bake the plums with the cutting edge into the butter, sugar and cinnamon. When they look carmalized and soft (are you in love already?) let them cool down.
three: Mix the almond flour with the flour and sugar.
four: add the whipping cream and eggs and whisk until smooth.
five: grease the dish (2l) and sprinkle some sugar all over it.
six: add the batter and place the plums in it. Cutting edge up.
maybe: scatter some slivered almonds on it - I didn't.
Temp&time:  180 c for about 40 minutes - or untill it starts looking gold-brown and firm.
maybe: dust with powdered sugar and serve lukewarm - I did.

Tip: you can replace the plums with pears, apples or cherries. You can put whole cherries in it (with te pit) but when you want to add pears or apples I recommend slicing them in smaller pieces.


Music to pair with: Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky one

By the way; what do you think about my new lay-out? It's obviously still in progress - and it probably will be for another while - but I think I like it. Let me know.

Thank you, Nick for letting me borrow your camera. I owe you one!

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