Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's your birthday!

Mr. Boyfriend, 

Today is your birthday!
I love birthdays! I also love sprinkles! And I won't say no to brownies...
But boy, how I love you. 
How I cherich you with all my heart. 
How I tear up when I dream about the life we're heading, together.

I love every little part of your 23-year-old body, brain and soul!
Twenty three years of laughing, dancing, drinking, thanking, giving, running after a ball, playing and learning!
That's quite an accomplishment, dude!

I know you didn't wish for anything in the coming year, because you believe you already have everything you desire {you can be so cheesie... I love it!} but these are my birthday wishes for you this year:

Keep on rockin': do what you do best, play the guitar like a hero. Invest and invent, not only during the exams. Use your talent for more than the room you sleep in. Spend more time with your friends: they are awesome. Drink beer. Karaoke. Talk. Talk some more. Dance. Thank! Chillax: you're heading to a lot of changes. Sometimes these changes will be frightening, sometimes these changes will be kickass. Be that as it may:  I'll be at your side. Just remember that everything will be fine in the end. If it's not fine, it's not the end. Learn how to make cookies: cookies are good. Your apologies/thanks/love will have way more impact when you offer them along with a plate of cookies. I know this for a fact. Write: use a fancy pen and put your stories on paper. The old fashioned way. Trust the process. Hit the road: don't plan. Just go. Enjoy! Love!

both photos by Alex Bekaert

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