Wednesday, August 8, 2012

strawberry coconut smoothie

I just realized we are about halfway through with summer. 
Bummer, right?! I know! 
But hold back your tears, friend. 
There's still some time to drink corona at the water, to play soccer in the park, to eat as many strawberries as your eyes can grasp and to dance until the sun comes up.

Talking about strawberries...
I'm putting a whole bunch of them in the easiest, most basic yet incredible delicious smoothie.
It's done in under five minutes and contains only good things.
Things that are not chocolate, nor french fries.
This, my dear friends; is health..

Strawberry-coconut smoothie
adapted from the dutch jamie oliver magazine,july issue
yields: a smoothie for you and your best friend

300 g strawberries, hulled
150 ml coconut cream, chilled
7 fresh mint leaves (+ some pretty ones for serving)
2 T honey
Ice and coconutshavings for serving, if you like

one: add all of the ingredients {except the ones you'll be using for decoration} in a blender and process until smooth. 
two: serve the smoothie in pretty glasses and decorate as you prefere. {A little bit of kitch never hurts anyone}

Music of the day month year: Anthony and the Johnsons - Cut the world


Eileen said...

Strawberry and coconut sound so refreshing together! Thanks for the great idea.

Yumgoggle said...

I have never thought of pairing coconut with strawberries. I am loving the pale reddish color. Looks refreshing...Yummy!
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